Welcome to the ride.


verb. noun. state of being instead of doing.

Buck Wild is a mindset really, to muster up courage where you didn't know you had it and go after what you really, really want.

Cheers to taking a sip, the moment of silence before you actually go for it.

What Matters To Us:

Coffee is a catalyst for sooooo many things that go far beyond a (delicious) beverage.

Equity & Inclusivity

We source our green coffee from Cafe Delas, who seek coffee from farming operations owned by women, who are paid directly for their coffee. Perhaps most importantly, the Cafe Delas program does not only search for circumstances where women are the desicion makers behind a coffee, but also actively provide support and education to women involved in coffee to equip them to be leaders of their community. Sourcing beans from women owned farms contributes to breaking down gender barriers and fostering a more balanced and diverse representation within the coffee industry. 


Ethically-sourced coffee is not only delicious, but also aligns with our dedication to sustainable agriculture practices. Supporting women-owned farms aligns with efforts to promote environmentally friendly and sustainable approaches to coffee production. 

Small Batch Roasting

Our coffee is freshly roasted in small batches and shipped directly from our roastery. We believe in fresh coffee, community, and supporting small businesses.

Hi, I'm JENNy.

I grew up in New England watching my parents start a small coffee roasting business out of the horse barn in our backyard. They used to trade beans for lift tickets (still do to this day), and take my brother and I out of school on powder days. These life ingredients set the stage for my lifelong romance with horses, snowboarding, and coffee.

Eventually, I followed the call of larger peaks and powdery dreams, moving westward to Colorado. Having coffee from my parents roastery delivered to my front door was a constant reminder of the roots that grounded me.

Making someone a mug of coffee is my love language and now, with Buck Wild, I can share with you, wherever you are. Buck Wild is more than a brand; it’s a celebration of community, a homage to courage, a manifestation of wild spirit, and a commitment to delivering the finest coffee.